"We needed a fence at the front of our house in centretown to give our patio area some privacy from the street. It was replacing a highly decorative and unique fence that we knew we couldn't replace. It took us awhile to find a design we liked, but as soon as we did, we used homestars to find contractors to give us quotes. Dan viewed the design that we wanted and actually improved on it, making the scale more appropriate. He also suggested material, Thermory, that met our needs of no chemical pressure treated lumber (we have a nephew with multiple chemical sensitivities), yet durable and low maintenance. It was more expensive than regular wood, but we are very happy with the result. It was a pleasure to work with Dan - he clearly has a great deal of experience that he draws on and his design vision is excellent. He kept us well-informed on timing, both for start up and completion, and was true to his quote. His crew cleaned up the site after the construction was completed. I would work with Dan again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others."

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~ Liz

"Journeyman Carpentry is the best carpentry contractor I've ever worked with, and I've worked with quite a few. My family and I have owned a number of houses, businesses, and apartment buildings, and over the years I've experienced many of the reliability and quality issues with the building trades noted in some of the reviews on this site. It took many years and a lot of aggravation (I could tell you stories) to find a crew I could rely on. When I moved to Canada a few years ago, I left that crew behind and so decided to do most of my work myself, that is until we decided to replace the roof on our house. Initially we thought it would just be a shingle replacement, but after a more thorough inspection it was clear that we needed to replace the entire roof, rafters and all -- more than I could handle. I started working with another contractor, ordered trusses (he wouldn't do that) and then he put me off for the entire summer before telling me that he wouldn't be able to do it after all (at least he returned some of my calls). I seriously reconsidered doing it myself, but then I stumbled across HomeStars and Dan's reviews. I gave him a call, we worked out a deal, and he and his crew did a superb job. Not just the work was superb, but the level of professionalism is impeccable -- clear communications, letting us know when he would arrive and when he wouldn't; on-time performance (even getting it done early); flexibility in both pricing and specifications with written change orders to make sure everyone understands what has changed, and what it will cost; a reliable and sober crew (which on our job included Dan's highly skilled father as a bonus); effective and creative problem-solving (no job goes entirely smoothly); nice folks too, and fun to have around. As in so many of the other reviews, Dan 'saved the day', and my wife and I feel incredibly lucky to have found him. We actually look forward to working with him again in the future, something I couldn't even have said about the carpentry crew I worked with in the States for so many years."

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~ Jon

"Dan & his team managed a large renovation of an older home in a short amount of time. He was able to source products such as special order hardwood floors that were an exact match to the current ones, had spindles made to perfectly match the existing ones & worked with great suppliers. He made sure to the home was clean including the ductwork. He worked late to stay on schedule & took the time to ensure everything was done correctly. Our home looks incredible & we have Journeyman to thank for that"

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~ Joelle

"Daniel spent enough time with us, prior to preparing a contract in order to make sure we knew roughly what the job would cost. He committed to our tight timeline even while we reviewed and redrafted the initial contract, before it was signed. We were consulted regularly throughout the process whenever there was a decision that required our input. Every aspect of the job was done with great care and professionalism. The finished product has received exclamations of approval from everyone that has seen it."

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~ Ed

"Dan Burt from Journeyman Carpentry really saved the day when our general contractor stopped working and stopped returning my calls. When I explained to him the predicament we were in, he made time in his schedule to complete the structural work we needed done so that the other tradespeople could do their work. He showed up early every morning and worked all day until the work was complete. He was competent, professional and went out of his way to make sure the work was done well, on time and to our liking. He took care of all communication with our engineer and city inspector. He also took the time to keep us informed as to his progress and any surprises he encountered. It was so nice to work with such a reliable, professional and helpful individual. We recommend Journeyman Carpentry highly and look forward to working with Dan again."

~ Sarah

"Journeyman carpentry does excellent work! They provided quick and fast installation of flooring and trim at a very resonable price. The rooms were left looking great and I have had no issues with the flooring. I am very pleased with their work and would highly recommend them."

~ Stacey Neitzel

"Dan constructed a 12 X 15 enclosed gazebo for us in 2010. It was designed to be "bug" proof and house our hot tub. Although I knew what the gazebo was to look like and how it was to function, Dan's expertise and skills got the desired results. His work with us was collaborative as he sought our input, efficient in material and time management, and of very high quality both in design and construction. Dan made several suggestions that enhanced the appearance and function of the gazebo. His work is highly recommended. "

~ Les Jewell

"Attention to detail, craftsmanship, attitude, and general scope of work have always been exemplary. We have found him to consistently show up when he said he would; we found his design work to be thoughtful, original, and well done; and he always leaves a job site clean and organized, which is important. In a field where it is rare to encounter integrity, Dan Burt stands out. We would highly recommend him."

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~ Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Marya Moore

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